About VBM

Authentic. Sustainable. Humane.

Empowering Women

The VBM concept, conceived by Virginie Butcher-Martini, was created to celebrate the inherent, unlimited power that women were born to wield. Contrary to traditionally ingrained views of how women should look, act, and express themselves, the core belief of VBM is that each woman should step into her birthright, realising her dreams, asserting her individuality, and creating the beautiful life she desires.
Each design choice and item selection is made after careful deliberation, with an eye toward offering pieces that clearly support the woman who owns it in her quest to live a fully empowered, creative, authentic life. To own a VBM piece is to move confidently through the world, remaining fully present and receptive to the opportunity in each moment.

Preserving Heritage

Combining her artistic and spiritual inspirations, Virginie designs and collaborates with others to create highly fashionable jewellery and accessories with a bohemian flair. Elements of each piece are handcrafted by native artesanos residing in the heartland of Mexico, and are brought together in the VBM workshop to create stunning fashion pieces. The photography prints associated with each collection are captured by Virginie herself.
Our pieces are created with love and care, using ancient, traditional techniques, imbuing them with an authenticity and identity that cannot be replicated with mass production methods. The true beauty of these gorgeous items lies in the dignity, compassion, and creativity of the wonderful men and women who collaborate in creating them. Many of these artesanos learned their techniques and skill at the knee of an elder family member, and now support their families with their talent while also honouring and upholding their traditional, local heritage.

Respectful and Humane Approach

Each fashion artefact, from conception to completion, is developed with humane, ethical practices in mind. The materials used in each piece are locally-sourced or procured from local merchants. Animal-based materials are collected in a humane, cruelty-free fashion. Most importantly, we pay each of our artesanos a fair, living wage so they can continue to create and support their families. We feel privileged to collaborate with these talented craftsmen and women, and honoured to support their talent and traditions.

About The Founder

Creative Expression

Virginie Butcher-Martini draws her inspiration from both her Buddhist faith, which she has practised since her early childhood, and the fundamental principles of dance discipline in which she was trained. She believes it is vitally important for each individual to build self-confidence, live in the moment, and accept the dynamism of change.

Her photography, itself an art that emphasises capturing those transient moments, epitomizes the essence of her beliefs. A largely self-taught photographer, Virginie’s work has been strongly influenced by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Rene Burri, great masters of the journalistic style.

Stylistic Influences

Virginie Butcher-Martini grew up in the bohemian Montmartre district of Paris, absorbing the area’s kaleidoscope of culture, colour, and fashion. Stimulated by the rich co-mingling of creative arts, fashion, cuisine, and literature, Virginie eventually found herself enchanted by the many possibilities the fashion industry offered, and went to work for Agnes b., a well-known name in French fashion.

After an initial period working for Agnes b., Virginie was inspired by a family friend to pursue her other great passion – contemporary dance – and consequently moved to London to begin a second career. She trained at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, going on to become the principal of her own very successful company, a Stagecoach School of the Performing Arts in South London.

After moving to Mexico, the flamboyant nature of the country’s art, culture, and inhabitants inspired Virginie to launch her own brand, VBM, dedicated to empowering women and inspiring them to believe in themselves and their dreams.

Philosophy and Principles

Both Virginie’s approach to fashion and her personal view of what a woman should be owe a debt to the lives and work of the major French feminine icons of her lifetime; women such as Coco Chanel. Virginie’s unique designs and collections blend influences from the places that have inspired her; style and elegance from Paris, rock ‘n’ roll from London, and the brilliant colours and patterns of Mexico. The influence of this rich cultural mix also surfaces in the themes of her collections and the titles of her photographs.

Huge support in this enterprise comes on a day-to-day basis from Virginie’s husband, the visual artist, Adam James Butcher.

Virginie Butcher Martini

Virginie Butcher Martini

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