• Our Artesanos

Our handpicked artesanos live in the Michoacán region and along the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro. Removed from the commercialisation of larger cities, these artisans have passed on their skills from one generation to the next, supporting their families by creating gorgeous, one of a kind pieces with their time-tested tools and techniques. Virginie has personally met each of these artesanos, seeking them out to collaborate with her on stunning, exquisitely-worked silver jewellery, cunningly woven canastas (paniers), and intricately embroidered cuentos for the discerning fashionista. Through collaboration with VBM, each artesano can continue to practice their heritage and way of life in a sustainable fashion.

VBM is proud to offer a range of exquisite jewellery and accessories found nowhere else. These unique offerings are possible due to the extraordinary level of collaboration between Virginie and the artesanos of the Pátzcuaro region. Combing the marketplaces and craft fairs, Virginie seeks out talented artesanos who are recognised as leaders within their fields.

Often, the artesano represents an entire family business, as skills are passed down from generation to generation and younger family members do the harder, more physical work that the older family members cannot. Living in small communities surrounding the lake and mountains around Lake Pátzcuaro, these artesanos preserve their heritage and make their living through their craft, selling their merchandise to tourists or local shops.

Our Paniers

Round tule and flat chuspata reeds are collected directly from Lake Pátzcuaro, and are used to make our beautiful VBM paniers. The weaving techniques have been handed down from generation to generation, with new techniques being developed and taught by local artesanos. The weavers live in small settlements around the shores of the lake, working out of their homes and selling their wares at the craft markets.

Virginie collaborates directly with local artesanos, offering her artistic direction and oversight, to create VBM’s signature jewellery offerings. Our gemstones are purchased directly from Mexican vendors, who purchase them from Mexican and South American sources.

Our jewellery is created through a number of techniques. Cobre Martillado, the method used to produce our copper jewellery, is the hallmark craft of artesanos in Santa Clara del Cobre. Artists hammer out the copper by hand, using homemade hammers, anvils, and stakes to shape the metal. No casting or moulds are used during the process.

Our silver jewellery components are also created by hand using hammering or filigree techniques to create each element. These methods result in individual, unique pieces that cannot be duplicated by mass production techniques.

Rebozos are beautiful textile pieces are created with a base of locally-grown cotton and woven on backstrap looms – simple, portable looms that allow the weavers to transport their work from place to place. The loom is anchored on one end with a solid, immovable object, while the other end is anchored by a strap around the weaver’s waist or hips. Despite the simplicity of the set up, the weavers create beautiful, intricate pieces. After the main panel is finished, the rebozos (shawls) are further embellished with feathers, tassels, or embroidery.

Cuentos are created from woven cotton bases, and then embellished with commercially-dyed cotton. VBM cuentos feature a specific story about a woman’s successful life journey and the three stages of her life: maiden, mother, and crone.